Top 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Provincetown!

By Anthony

November 20, 2019

Get to know Provincetown, MA, with this list of the top 5 things you didn’t know were here but absolutely must see!


Provincetown, Massachusetts, is well-known for its stunning coastlines and rich history on Cape Cod. From a flourishing LGBTQ+ community to ghost stories and hauntings rumored, this eclectic coastal town has something for every type of traveler. Because it’s so revered for specific things, like next-level drag queens, adorable boutiques, and magnificent Cape Cod beaches, so many fantastic aspects are overlooked or forgotten! Keep reading to see our top five.


#5 – Race Point Lighthouse


This one is in fifth place on our list because a lot of people give this historic lighthouse the attention it deserves! One of the first lighthouses on Race Point Beach was built in 1816, with upgrades throughout the centuries. Only accessible by a long walk or 4-wheel vehicle, this historic structure is well worth the visit. Tours are available and are all volunteer-based. This active lighthouse is living history on the Cape Cod national seashore – a recent visitor writes, “One of the most incredible places I have ever been to. I will never forget it. A must ‘to do’ when visiting Provincetown”.


Race Point Lighthouse
Race Point Lighthouse


#4 – Whale Watchers Welcome


Provincetown is the perfect place for whale watching, from late spring to October. Humpbacks dazzle locals and tourists alike with their magnificent displays of athleticism. There are so many whales around, so you’re almost guaranteed to see one if you book a tour. All tours leave from Macmillan Pier and Provincetown Marina. Whale watching is a magical experience, and we can’t recommend it enough! Check out these pics from a local tour group, all of them taken by guests!


Whale showing off!


#3 – Provincetown’s Dune Shacks


The Dune Shacks of the Peaked Hill Bars historic district are part of the lesser-known but fascinating history of Provincetown. A bit difficult to access but worth the extra effort, these “artist shacks” are history stuck in the dunes of Cape Cod. They’re known for housing extremely well-known authors and artists looking for seclusion and solitude, like E.E. Cummings, Jackson Pollock, and Tennessee Williams. Jack Kerouac is known to have said, “he conceived part of On the Road” at one of these artists’ escapes.


One of 19 dune shacks in Provincetown.


#2 – Mayflower’s First Stop


A little known fact about Provincetown is that the Mayflower stopped here first! The pilgrims settled in Provincetown for a few weeks before moving to Plymouth. Because of this oft-forgotten history, the Pilgrim Monument was erected in Provincetown in 1892 as a symbol of the Mayflower’s five weeks here. This monument holds the title of the tallest all-granite structure in the United States, standing at nearly 253-feet, and anyone is welcomed to climb to the top. 166 steps take you to the top of the monument, where you’ll see a jaw-droppingly beautiful view of Provincetown, unlike anything you can see anywhere else in the town. Adult tickets to the museum and monument are only $14 – it’s safe to say you’ll get your money’s worth.


Provincetown Pilgrim Monument.


#1 – Sandbars Inn!


Of course, our favorite part of Provincetown that’s not very well known has to be its proximity to our charming boutique hotel! Only a few minutes’ drive from the bustling town, Sandbars Inn is your serene retreat from everything. Close enough to enjoy Ptown (and every activity listed above), you won’t have to worry about FOMO on the Cape. On the other hand, Sandbars, located in North Truro, is just far enough to escape the noise and activity in Provincetown when it’s time to wind down. With a private beach, fire pit, and kitchens or kitchenettes in every room, this is the perfect place to call home for the duration of your trip.


Sandbars Inn - Signage close-up
Welcome, or welcome back.


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