Random Acts of Kindness Day at Sandbars Inn

By Anthony

January 30, 2020

February 17 is Random Acts of Kindness Day, and we’re looking forward to embodying this day! Tell us how you were kind today. 

What is a random act of kindness?

Human kindness and compassion are the inspiration behind this day. Defined as a “nonpremeditated, inconsistent action designed to offer kindness towards the outside world,” a random act of kindness by this definition should be spontaneous! This is something that you don’t anticipate doing before the day starts, but when you see an opportunity to improve someone’s day, you act upon it! 

Since being to the mainstream, this concept has become less spontaneous. With more people starting their days with intentions to carry out “random” acts of kindness and trends like paying for other people when in lines or drive-throughs, this kindness is becoming less random. 


Where does this kindness go?

A random act of kindness can manifest itself in many ways. From helping strangers, friends, and family, yourself, and even the earth, an act of kindness is never a bad thing. Googling the words “what is a random act of kindness” will produce hundreds of lists like this one, giving examples of acts that are inspired by this movement. 

A kind act for strangers

One great idea we found is to choose a local small business at random and leave them a positive online review. Most likely, it will make their day and give them a big smile to know that their small business endeavor is bringing joy to the people in their town. 

A kind act for friends and family

A small thing to do for your friends or family, be it parents, siblings, partners, children, or friends, can be baking cookies for them! Coming home to a house full of chocolate and vanilla aromas brings a smile to the face of any person of any age. Additionally, being treated to warm baked goods from a loved one isn’t too bad, either! 

A kind act for yourself

Self-care is undoubtedly a buzzword lately, and we can understand why! Giving yourself the same love and attention you give others is essential. Take some time during the day to compliment yourself! Try to surprise yourself with it, so it’s almost random, like when you efficiently complete a task at work. 

A kind act for the earth

Random acts of kindness don’t have to stop with humans! Show some kindness to the environment, or even your house! If, while on a walk, you see some trash, pick it up! You’ll feel good and accomplished with even such a small task. 

Local Kindness

Locally, Cape Cod has an excellent project that encompasses the idea behind Random Acts of Kindness. The Kindness Rocks Project, founded in 2015, sees locals painting rocks in beautiful colors, and decorating them with inspirational quotes. They encourage those who pass the stones to “take one when you need one, share one with a friend who needs some inspiration, or leave one for another.” This project shows how a random kindness, such as painting a rock for a fellow human being, can be so inspirational! Passing these painted stones brings a smile to the faces of passersby, and likely to those who take or are gifted one. 

We can’t wait to see you soon, and we do not doubt that you’ll feel our kindness from the moment you set foot at Sandbars Inn

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