Only Getting Better…!


So much of Cape Cod closes for the cold season, Sandbars Inn included. We shudder our windows until the frost melts, and reopen when the sun comes back!

This year, we are taking full advantage of our time away, and making renovations that will increase the comfortability of our guests! Read on to find out a few of the changes we’re making before our doors swing open again on April 11, 2022.


New Mattresses

We’re so pleased to update our mattresses to provide an even more comfortable stay in the coming year!


New Bedding

We absolutely adore our current bedding, but a little change never hurts! With new sleek white bedding, you’ll feel like you’re in a spa during your stay at Sandbars Inn.


New Vinyl Planking

Being directly on the beach has a million pros, but there is one downside: accidentally tracking sand into the room! All of our ground floor units will be updated with luxe vinyl planking, both elevating the look of the rooms AND making sand removal easier than ever.


New Curtains

We’re updating the bedding, so why not update the curtains to match! Breezy curtains are the perfect accessory to our whimsical Cape Cod Bay-side hotel.



Be sure to follow us on Facebook or join our newsletter to see these changes as we make them, or come and see for yourself in April! We can’t wait to show off to the world.